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I went to one of the six day clinics that Dennis and Deborah Reis are putting on this year. My initial goal was to get prepared for the upcoming trail riding/ horse camping season. That week was an amazing experience! Dennis and Deborah opened their home and hospitality and provided first rate food and comfortable sleeping. My relationship and confidence with my horse really improved. Now my goal is to commit to bettering my horsemanship. I am looking forward to completing the rest of Dennis' program this summer. To borrow from Dennis, I realize now I need to prepare my position for my transition into more senior riding. As for horse camping? Rooster and I just got back from three days at the Back Country weekend in Henry Coe Park. We had a great time together and what a difference! We were a team!

Thanks Dennis and Deborah!

My name is Cindy Cullen and a serious accident with my runaway horse was a huge wake up call that I was in over my head and needed help. I joined online training clubs and bought more DVDs and books than one could imaging. Yet, I just couldn't connect with the trainers. Out of desperation, I started recording every horse program I could find on television. That is how I found Dennis Reis. After watching ten minutes of his program, I knew he was the trainer for me. His simple, direct way of explaining the tasks he was doing with the horse made perfect sense to me.

After speaking with Deborah on the phone, I decided to come out for a weekend with my horse. That turned into their 30 day program, then their 60 day program, and now my horse is in the Dennis Reis Signature Program. I knew I didn't know a lot about horsemanship but I just didn't understand how shallow knowledge was.

Dennis has pushed me further then I ever thought possible. He has given me the skills that I was lacking and so much more. He is truly a gifted horse trainer and a dedicated teacher. I continue to learn and work hard through Dennis's home study courses and spending time at the ranch. I am a lifelong learner of his horsemanship philosophy and practices.



Dear Dennis and Deborah:

Thank you so much for your great 6-day clinic last month. My horse and I got so much out of it.

I really like the way the days were structured: waking up to the quiet vistas of your spectacular vineyard ranch and having a healthy breakfast waiting downstairs; making the short drive over to your Penngrove property (where my horse was comfortably stabled) and starting group lessons by 9am; having a healthy lunch provided; followed up by individual lessons with Dennis in the afternoon. I especially enjoyed the nights when complimentary yoga classes were held in the main house with Eleanor. She is a gem! The nights when dinners were provided were especially enjoyable, as the food was unbelievable fresh and delicious! After dinner, it was great to walk the trails and see swans relaxing in their floating nests just a few feet away!

The group lessons were a good way for my horse and I to work on socialization (herd dynamics) and synchronization (drill team) skills. The day a herd of cows was brought in to the arena was my cow pony’s favorite day! Not only do I appreciate how Dennis can hone in and articulate what I needed most to work on and specifically how to accomplish it, but, like a cheerleader, he has a way of communicating and inspiring you to do believe you can do it.

After I got home, I noticed a positive difference in my relationship with my horse and I am looking forward to returning for another 6-day clinic soon.

I am a member of the mounted patrol unit at Henry Coe State Park (88,000 acres). Last weekend, I volunteered for our yearly backcountry weekend and my horse was able to confidently lead trail rides and perform patrols throughout some of the far reaches of the park. I know attending Dennis’s clinic made her a more confident and willing partner. Thank you again for the unforgettable experience!